Ritu Lalit – Author of five books, A Bowlful of Butterflies, a coming of age story about three fast friends in school, HILAWI a fantasy thriller, and Chakra, Chronicles of the Witch Way, again a fantasy adventure, Wrong for the Right Reasons a story about a young divorcee bringing up her children and a murder mystery, My Father’s Mistress.

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I am a writer, not because I have anything astounding to say.  I write because if I want someone to listen to what I say, I have to create the person.  My kids grew up, and the captive audience I had vanished, swallowed by careers, distances and what not.  So I write, creating characters that listen to me and do what I say … sometimes.

Wrong, for the right reasons

Shyamoli Verma’s timing is wrong. In her late twenties, she finds that her marriage is irrevocably broken. She comes back to her parents with her pre-teen son and an infant daughter, only to find that she is unwelcome.

Independent and brash, she decides to bring up her children and also get a divorce without any support from friends and family.

Written with wry self deprecating humour, this is the story of a divorced woman’s quest for love and security.

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