Chakra : Chronicles of the Witch Way

About The Book

The Japas are a race so secretive that their existence is dismissed as a myth. Tales of them abound in our mythology, telling of these men and women, possessing physical abilities beyond belief, playing with elements, with the power to curse and cure. They exist among us, mingle with us, ride our metros, visit our malls, and even go to the same schools and colleges as us.

Parineeta Mohan is a powerful Japni who has turned her back on The Witch Way.She has even brought up her niece and nephew as ordinary people, unaware of their heritage.

Their life changes when the kids disappear along with their cousin Roma.

A shocked and desperate Parineeta has to find them before enemies of her family do and has no one to turn to but Jorawar, a man she is attracted to but cant trust since he belongs to the sinister organization Pax.

The only way she can fight, win and survive is to embrace her heritage.

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  • Publisher: Authors Empire Publications
  • Publication Year: 2013
  • ISBN-13: 9788192648019
  • Number of Pages: 220 Pages


“The story is fast-paced and quite an easy read.unlike most Indian fantasy writers, she has not restricted herself to re-telling or re-interpreting Indian myths but has used elements of what may be termed fantasy – Kundalini Yoga” Source

Nandita Bose says – “Intrigue, powerplays and the mystical allure of the supernatural: Ritu Lalit has penned an unputdownable saga that grips and entertains like dynamite!” Source

“Mesmerizing and captivating read.Truly an UNPUTDOWNABLE work of fiction. This creative work of supernatural powers is the awesome brainchild of the author.” Source