About The Book

When the chants rise up, Gigi or Gargi Tamang finds that she has to gravitate to the strange object that they seem to emanate from a disc made of a metal that no one can identify. Could the myths that we’ve heard from time immemorial, actually be true?

Yaduvir and Gargi Tamang, twins are nothing like each other; he, a mild-mannered and scholarly youth, and she, a feisty young woman, full of energy. A telephone call from India suddenly changes their lives. They find that they are the designated guardians and protectors of a strange shield that is both co-vetted and feared by their own clansmen. They are completely unprepared for the adventure they are rocked into, where no one around them seem to be who they are, where they are constantly on the sun and where they have been summoned for a task they cant even accept as true.

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  • Publisher: Popular Prakashan
  • Publication Year: 2012
  • ISBN-13: 9788179917190
  • Number of Pages: 164 Pages


“There are a lot of ups and downs and lots of excitement as the readers keep turning pages. It’s a story which will enchant with it’s narration and daze you with it’s shine all throughout.” Source

The book is not target specific, and would be enjoyed by people from many walks of life. Without any complex words or sentences or theme, Hilawi is a decent reading experience. The theme of good over evil is evenly woven through the entire novel. I would recommend this book to casual readers who are in a mood for something different from their Indian writers.” Source

“The writing style is simple but crisp, with strong clear characterization, and a plot that twists and turns and changes within the blink of an eye.” Source

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